Thursday, September 06, 2012


You've been watching as the building progresses in Abbeville, and now, it's time!  We start our move to the new building on Wednesday (Sept. 12) and we'll be moving for two weeks.

The Abbeville Library will be closed from Sept 12 through Sept 30 to allow us to move to our beautiful new location.  We hope to re-open at the new building at 1407 N Main Street on Monday, October 1st.

What can you do to help us move?  We thought you'd never ask :-)

This week ( from now through Tuesday, Sept 11), come by the Abbeville Library and check out a STACK of books, movies, music, and magazines (toys and puppets, too!).  Each card can check out up to 25 items. 

This stack will keep you going through the two weeks that we're closed.  And every book that's out in the community being read is a book we don't have to move on moving day!

So come by, get yourself a fun stack at the old building, and return it to the new!  Nothing will be due until Oct. 15, so you'll have plenty of time to return it to our new location after we open.

And remember, the Donalds and Calhoun Falls libraries will be open for most of the time that the Abbeville Library will be closed.  You can visit either (or both!) of those locations to check out materials and use the computers while Abbeville is closed.

Thanks for all your support!  Can't wait to see you at the NEW Abbeville Library :-)